Sound System Solutions

Sonic Audio Visual has 14 years experience in sound system solutions and installations in the Western Cape of South Africa. We specialize in offering quality excellent value for money solutions. We are committed to the success of our clients and ongoing support of their needs. This is well evidenced by the long term relationships we have with many of our customers. We have installed solutions in Houses of Worship, restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels, homes.

We offer all types of solutions from discrete background music systems to line arrays in large venues. Ideally we prefer to be involved right from design phase to ensure that we best understand a clients need and ensure that all aspects of system design, product choice, acoustics and council requirements are addressed.

As part of our system design we have the capability to create a computer model of your venue to determine optimal choice of speakers and placement. It also allows us to identify potential issues and address them early in the process.

Please see our portfolio for more information on projects we have successfully completed.

Podcasting and Streaming Solutions

The events of 2020 have led to many individuals, companies and organisations changing the way the meet, communicate and share their experiences with others. 
If you are looking to improve the sound of your podcasts, Zoom Chats or Microsoft Team meets we have a variety of microphone solutions from industry leads such as BlueFocusriteSamsonRode and M-Audio. 
For musicians and churches looking to live stream their performances and services we have a array of solutions from BlackMagic Design, Roland and Kiloview. We have also partnered with a local based streaming service to ensure robust transmission of your stream to all major platforms simultaneously.
The acoustic response of the venue that you are podcasting or streaming from also plays a major role in the sound experience of your audience. We have extensive experience building custom sound panels for a wide variety of applications. 
Every customers needs are unique so please contact us for more information.

Acoustics Solutions

The acoustic properties of a venue play a massive role in the experience of the sound in the venue. A role which is often neglected or poorly understood. At Sonic AV we consider the acoustics as a part of all our projects and have the skills and expertise to analyse and design acoustic solutions. As part of our final commissioning of installed systems we also will tune the system to deal with anomalies of the venue to give an even and well distributed sound experience.

We are also able to consult on noise management issues and have successfully designed systems to great effect to overcome issues with sound levels both within and without your venue. We have experience in the council requirements and can assist with noise management plans.

We also offer custom designed acoustic panels to assist with the treatment of room acoustics

Home Theatre and Home Automation Solutions

Looking to upgrade the sound in your home or add automation  – we have a solution for your needs. We have installed numerous solutions into homes. From a simple amplifier and speakers to wireless speaker solutions to advanced multi-zone setups we are ready to assist. 

We are able to provide a range of world class products from brands such as Yamaha, Sonos, Onkyo, Focal, Dali, Crestron, Audac, Jamo and many more!

Once again the acoustic properties of your home are also critical to great sound outcomes and we have the expertise to advise.

As each homes need is unique please contact us for a tailor made solution.

Boardroom Solutions

We have a wide array of boardroom solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you are needing a basic sound and video solution or a fully integrated and automated solution please contact us to discuss your needs. 
We have experiencing designing and installting a range of solutions from industry leaders such as QSC, Biamp, Crestron, Audac, Bose, Blackmagic Design, Sennheiser and many more. 
The acoustics of a boardroom play a major role in effective communication. We have a range of custom design panels that will make a huge impact on the acoustic environment

Video, LED screen and Projector Solutions

In addition to provision of sound equipment we have also assisted numerous customers with projectors,  projection screens, TV screens and various other multimedia solutions. We also offer HD video distribution solutions over CAT6 or SDI.

Lighting Solutions

We also offer permanent lighting solutions from basic parcans to LED solutions and moving heads.

Stage Structures and Trussing

Should you need structures we also install Stageplus stage decks as well as trussing – all locally manufactured to world class standards.